EH2007 - 1.0

Easterhegg 2007
The Workshop Weekend


Well I've done "some" things over the past years. Today my greatest intrest is WiFi.

It started about 26Years ago with the legendary Apple 2 went over to Atari ST till finally the first PC with a 386sx (Interactive Unix not Xenix). What I do like most about about Computers is that they enable us to communicate globally without much costs. Logically in 1984 I bought my first Acousticcoppler (an Epson CX21 that I still own) and stepped into the world of global comminucations useing Datex-P to connect to Computers anywhere in the world.

At some point I tought it might be an idea to have a Mailbox to offer those services locally. Together with a Friend I wrote the Mailboxprogram "zerberus". The goal was to do what the big machines did with those days "modern" PC's. Later, due to a protocol that i've invented, those systems where able to automatically transport Emails to each other.

Then I stepped into ISDN because my hometown Duisburg was the first place in Germany offering it. I moved to Hamburg and got a Job in a company offering the first audiotex services when Germany started premium rate lines. This system was highly interactive similating and vitual House over the Phone and was called "The Villa" (and some other services offered cause the Companys money came from "Beate Uhse", know what I mean). I did the technical Part with some Machines having ISDN Primary Rate Interfaces and lots of DSP's running under OS/2.

Then I moved to the company i'm currendly working for now supporting RAS-Servers (my old Boss was exchanged by a braindead Marketingdroid that resisted to listen to people). In 1999 they got the very first IEEE 802.11 WiFi Cards and AP's (those days called Lucent Wavelan later changed to ORiNOCO). This triggered my Intrest in WiFi however it didn't make the biggest Part in intrest.

I've wotked with a Friend to bring a practical Cryptophone to People over the years. Our Goal was to do it in hardware that people can easly rebuild (we couldn't afford builing PCB's). Well at some Point we ended up in seeing that it won't be possible for people to build the hardware on th ere own. A Friend offered to pay us for programming a software Version running on a GSM Mobile Phone. Today this is a sucessfull Company that my Friend and me are no longer involved but it's still our Ideas and code inside a commercial Product.

Today I like playing with WiFi. So everything around this Topic is of intrest for me.


hacko at ccc dot de